Settling Pond Level Monitoring System

Victor Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant

Featured Products:

  • Weidmuller Wireless Radio Link w/ Solar Powered Systems

  • Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The Application...

The Victor Valley Wastewater Facility has six cascading overflow ponds. When the sixth pond overflows, it becomes a major environmental hazard that also incurs a hefty fine. Therefore, monitoring this pond's levels are of utmost importance to the agency and the surrounding area.

Installation of hard-wired measurement equipment would be difficult and costly due to the layout of the facility. The sixth pond is located about a half-mile away from the control room where the SCADA PLC and the closest power tap is found. 

The Problem...

The client came to us with a plan to purchase a gas-powered generator to power an ultrasonic level transmitter. However, they would still need a solution to send a signal back to the control room. 

The Solution...

The Weidmuller Wireless I/O Radio was suggested to transmit the signal back to the control room which was approximately 150 yards away from the level transmitter. The real cost savings comes in providing power via a solar panel systems provided with the Elpro Radio. This eliminates the need for a potentially hazardous and pricey gas-powered generator. The solar panel charges the back-up battery which then powers both the Weidmuller Radio link and the Ultrasonic Level Transmitter. 

We were able to provide the application analysis, quality products as well as installation set-up and service. Our innovative approach allows the customer to feel confident that they will prevent any overflow issues, provided an environmentally friendly power source alternative and a wireless connection at a vast distance. Best of all, we saved them money short AND long term. 

Ordering Information:

-Weidmuller Wireless I/O Radio, Model #: WI-I/O9-1 (one placed at the pond, another placed in the control room).

-Solar-Powered System, Model #: ELASP 30-1248 (installed at the pond).

-STI Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, Model #: IRU-2125.