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SoCal Pollution Control Plant TS Meter Trial

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The Application...

A Major Southern California Sludge Handling Facility was looking to optimize the polymer feed on their centrifuge dewatering systems. Concise measurements are required to determine total dissolved solids, total solids and conductivity.

The Problem...

Currently, this facility utilizes local moisture analyzers to obtain data on sludge samples which can take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour to collect. The samples are then sent to their Lab, where it may take up to a full week to determine test results for total dissolved solids, total solids and conductivity. This type of processing needs to be more efficient to save man hours, lower material costs, etc.

The Solution...

We installed an 'in-line' Total Solids (TS) Meter on a trial basis. This instrument incorporates microwave technology and is designed to provide immediate feedback on percent concentration of total solids in the sludge process.

The TS Meter was installed on an existing 4" sludge feed line into one of their centrifuge units, and over a 3 to 4 week period. Plant Engineering compared the data provided by the instrument with that of the Lab samples; their evaluation determined the TS Meter 'real time' readings to be so accurate and reliable, they decided to extend their evaluation of the meter and tied the meter output into the 'automatic closed loop control' function of their polymer feed dosing pump.

Plant Engineering is convinced that implementing automatic control of the dosing pump using the observed TS Meter process readings will yield substantial savings of polymer usage and also result in improved centrifuge efficiency. Operations personnel are also pleased with the TS Meter installation as they can now focus on other plant tasks and issues instead of having to draw multiple process samples required by the previously utilized Lab testing method.

Should you want to hear more about this ongoing evaluation of the TS Meter or the improved efficiency results at other plant installations, please feel free to contact us at Accurate Measurement Systems, Inc.

close-up of TS Meter transmitter

close-up of TS Meter transmitter

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